Mood Mouse

Remote Mouse and Keyboard for PC and MAC

Mood Mouse morphs your iPhone/iPod Touch into a groovy wireless keyboard and mouse. Mood Mouse can use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a trackpad or it can utilize the onboard accelerometer to control your mouse by tilting your iPhone left, right, up and down. Additionally, Mood Mouse provides special features to remotely launch applications and send photos stored in your library to your PC/Mac with a flick of the wrist.

Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting Tips Click HERE

Full Landscape Keyboard

Mood Mouse can use the standard "built-in" keyboard or our full size landscape keyboard. Just start the keyboard and turn your device sideways to use the fully functional widescreen keyboard with all the keys Apple left out. The widescreen keyboard has complete Upper and Lower case formats and is capable of sending combination keystrokes to provide essential shortcuts.

Air Mouse

Mood Mouse provides two ways to control your mouse. The first is a trackpad which uses your iPhone's multitouch screen to track your movement and transfer it to your mouse. Alternatively, you can use the Air Mouse feature to simply tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch the direction you want to move the mouse on your computer. Tilt left, right, forward and backward to move your mouse. Use the left and right buttons to click. The center button is a shorcut used to "center" your mouse on the screen.

App Launcher

The custom application launcher can provide direct control to any application on your PC or MAC. You can browse the internet, Control iTunes, Front Row, or whatever else you add to your application list.

Image Sender

Transferring images to your computer has never been easier. Simply select a photo from your library and make a flicking gesture towards your computer and the full resolution (1600x1200) image will be transfered and displayed on your computer. Images are saved in a folder called moodmouse_uploads on your desktop.


  • Touchpad Mouse Tracking(portrait and landscape)
  • Air Mouse - accelerometer aware mouse controller
  • Full Widescreen Keyboard
  • Two finger trackpad scrolling
  • Remote application launcher
  • Remote picture transfer and display
  • Easy configuration with automatic server discovery.
  • Static ip configuration


  • Mac OS X 10.4 or above OR Windows XP/Vista
  • Mood Mouse Server available HERE
  • WIFI network available to connect to your computer.
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